I always find it amazing how God always makes way for provision no matter the place or time. I remember early this year planning for a trip to go to my home country to see family and do some work at children’s homes. 
Firstly, finances were not immediately available and I honestly didn’t know if I could go. I prayed and continued to plan without fully knowing if I would have money for a plane ticket. But within that scenario God provided EVERYTHING, which was inclusive of the gifts for the children. This situation simply changed my perspective of Gods provision particularly as I knew there was no second option. Meaning I had to lean back and trust that He would provide since I was instructed to go. 

I’ll be real with you though, that process wasn’t easy. At times I felt like “Girl you’re not going anywhere” and allowed frustration to take over. Other times I felt like I should just work the whole summer instead (being what seemed an easier option/more sensible). But anyways I continued to plan in faith. 

So recently whilst reading Exodus 15:22- 25 I started to think more broadly on what provision actually is and where it can appear. If you read the above passage these are a few points you will find: 

– Sometimes in life we may come to situations that are bitter or uncertain just as the Israelites did in the Desert of Shur. But even at that point God is able to make a way (provision). 

– So that means there is provision no matter where we go in life whether if it’s in the mountains, desert or other areas

– God is able to use whatever resources around you to move you forward (just like when he used the wood to change the water)

– Lastly God responds to our needs and not our wants ie. the Israelites needed that water having been in the desert for three days. 

I believe all this is so key to remember in all different seasons of our lives. You may be going through a wilderness experience, setting of to go to China to be missionary or preparing to go on holiday. The point is we should always know from where/ whom our help comes from…… and not start discovering it at our time of need. 

God is just waiting for us to call on Him as Moses did on behalf of the people. Be encouraged and know that when we call He is faithful to respond. Know that He will never bring you to a place to abandon you. 


So in the first post of the I Am series I forgot to mention this. I used ‘I AM ‘as the base of this series because my understanding of God is that He is eternal seen in how God presented himself before Moses (Exodus 3:14). For me that aspect of eternity put forward, is applicable to every aspect of God’s character. So this time I wanted to address God as “I AM LOVE” as this is who he tells us he is.

I have never been able to fully describe what God’s love is to me, mostly I believe it’s because I didn’t recognise it through my struggles. I often cried out wanting God to show my definition of love  and there was total silence (owls hooting in the background silence). I remember reasoning like  “ why have you  left me ?” Leading me to question his love and forgetting that he calls himself “I AM” meaning he’s  eternal/been there from the beginning. So basically  even in times its silent he’s still around, even if he doesn’t breakthrough in the way I want or expect. It’s literally taken me years for me to recognise that God’s love (like any parent) is not determined by him answering me every time I call but its determined by the position he places you in his heart. So when he often reminds me “I AM Love” (him) this paints a picture of eternal love is poured out upon me/you.

 So I guess now the question is: ‘What is love?’

Well firstly the Bible states God is love (1 John 4:8) then breaks down the characteristics of love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 saying “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8 Love never fails”.

Even though I’d read these verses before, this time I really connected with how we are vessels that carry Gods love for it to be seen by the world. This time it was different, because I immediately felt compelled to ask for help tearing down certain walls in my mind. Walls that meant I unknowingly found it easier to show love to those who loved me, but notice how God says “love” but never specifies on whom to love? Sometimes I used excuses like “well I find it difficult to get close to certain people/I’m not a people’s person”, without realising how I was creating my own limitations. Limitations which blocked me from understanding the fullness of his definition of love.

So lately God’s been saying to me is “Love people without limits for it’s within this love you will find me. Love others on purpose even those who don’t do the same for you” one reason being “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” John 13:35. The way I’m seeing it is this, if ‘God is love’ then it’s not just a label but something rooted in him (part of his identity), meaning that this should be part of my identity, a default setting in my daily living. See how Gods love is always underlined by a form of responsibility, which he takes on to reveal love to us? That means on a practical level this involves me and you actually reaching out to people, looking for the gold and not the dirt/going the extra mile.

For us Gods love has been shown through the cross as it represented an ultimate sacrifice which cleansed us from all sin. Secondly, this meant we we are now able to stand boldly before God to pursue true relationship, transforming God to also being Abba (father). It’s through his love I see that love also represents sacrifice. Sacrifice again meaning consciously choosing to move away from ‘I want’ and hunger to know God’s heart. Like with me I now see how the walls we create are often a result of ‘self-made comfort zones’, which actually limit any form of sacrifice in love shown to others, especially when they’re not close to us.

“What does love practically look like in this generation?”: Simple Steps

This is a question I don’t hear  being addressed often  and I strongly believe it’s because methods of love are commonly assumed as coming with the Christian life, meaning that we should know how to love. But sometimes it can be difficult to know how to apply in different settings. So I’d say this is something depending on the situation, how God leads you and those involved. However,  I’d also say love is always underlined by bringing out the best in people.

Personally I enjoy complementing people, I love using compliments to draw on people’s identity e.g. “You’re /you look beautiful, I love your eyes etc”. Often people are walking/talking with so much outward confidence but feel so insecure. That’s were Holy Spirit comes in…..cause he helps you to identify something which may need reinforcing in someone’s life. So it’s not about how you see them, but you asking him to open your eyes to the truth of the message you’re carrying and delivering it as instructed.

Secondly giving is always a good one, the bible says that everything you do unto men you do it into God. So that means even as you give it’s a beautiful gesture you’re not just giving to the person but also God. Recently God showed me how when you give a gift to someone you’re “giving a gift unto a gift” meaning you’re giving something special (whether in words or a physical form) to a person/people he treasures (his gift to the world). With that in mind be careful what thoughts you entertain regarding that person even if they do you wrong. That just means don’t let it affect you your whole life, because bitterness stops love.10-ways-to-loveAlso  remember that love is not just about good acts, but a transformation of the heart that changes your outlook on everything around you, meaning friends, family and strangers alike. Anyone can act out acts of love but the intention is what determines whether it’s love. So Holy Spirit helps us as the process isn’t always easy or straightforward.

Another thing I’ve learnt is that in order to fully love we need to face truth. Truths about ourselves that can be stumbling blocks in doing what Jesus said “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another” John 13:34. In this passage he can’t have been talking about just Christians as his whole ministry was based on reaching out to those who didn’t know God and were living in sin. The Bible shows how ‘love’ is the most important thing God wants us to pursu in serving him,  because it changes everything,.

So I guess the next question is: ‘What can I personally do next?’ 

I always prepare giving advice based on my own experiences because personally I believe every experience has the power to empower another. Meaning the things you go through no matter how little or big can help in providing someone simple steps of how to move forward. So with that in mind, firstly I would always advise:

  • PRAY – honestly even when you’re unable to feel a response or see change, know that things are moving because your Abba (father) hears you. If you don’t hear anything keep asking. Keep an eye out for thoughts which come into your mind when faced with loving or blessing people. God will begin to speak to you through your interactions to transform your thinking/mind which ultimately start changing your actions.
  • MAKE A DECISION – as previously highlighted it’s mainly about you making a conscious decision like “yes Daddy I want to love, I want to understand the length and breadth of it, for me to see people the way you do”. If you often ask to know Gods heart know that relentless love is always at the top. That’s the very reason Jesus came to a stubborn people (us) and chose to pour himself out for our sake. Guys love is intentional!!
  • ACCEPT THAT ITS A PROCESS – admittedly love/loving is not always easy because as human beings we are prone to get angry, irritated and so forth. I can honestly say this is something I have often done, but I also remember that God is not looking for perfection but he is looking to see that our hearts and minds are pursuing his will and way….so he’s looking for correction and not perfection. Mistakes along the way are a reflection of what we are imperfect, although through a deeper and sincere relationship with him our behaviour will begin to align itself to Gods will.

Remember: God beautifully knitted love into our identity, but it’s essentially up to us to make a conscious decision to walk in it. It’s not enough just talk about love but we must pursue it.


Series 1: I AM

maxresdefaultSo lately through my experiences I have been discovering who God is in my life. Most times I think it’s easy to talk about God and listen to others, whilst not being able to completely identify His presence in our own lives. This often reminds me of listening to other people’s testimonies or descriptions of Abba, clapping at the great works God has accomplished but going home still empty. Although I have discovered how the true nature of God is that he never wants us to leave/feeling empty.  Rather he wants your eyes to be opened to all his great works in your life, leading to a personal revelation of who he is.

I wanted to share who God is revealing himself to me as being at this time. I have realised God is always good, but this goodness reveals itself in different ways and by different names. This is often dependant on the situation. Anyways to convey this I have written a short poem titled I AM. I hope you’re blessed by it and more from the series to follow.


My name is I AM”,

I AM a reflection of perfection commonly identified by misconception,

Readily waiting to drive out forces behind this deception

So here I AM!!

I AM a loving force of fire that seeks to be your desire,

Speaking to you through symbols everywhere,

But tell me ….do you hear?

Because I AM more than just a picture painted to be adored,

More like the inspiration in which your life should be stored,

Desperately seeking for my queen named Revival.

I AM the bread of life calling forth to prepare my wife in whom my story is kept alive,

Alive not only to survive,

But to bring forth a blessing on which you may thrive,

For I AM the words of hope washed upon your heart,

Waiting patiently for our start,

So here I AM!!

I long to be your desire,

That you may be baptised by fire,

That in you my name may be lifted higher,

So when they ask who I AM you are able to  say……….

HE IS the beginning and the end

Not a follower of any trend for His rulership knows no end

HE IS faithful just and true

Waiting for HIS manifestation in you

So to be transformed as I AM.

For me this poem also represents how God wants to be seen by all of us on a daily basis, particularly as the name I AM is  an important aspect of His identity.

Exodus 3:14 (KJV)

And God said to Moses, I AM that I AM: and he said, Thus shall you say to the children of Israel, I AM has sent me to you.

Passion for Purpose

Passion is our desire to dig deeper into the things that drive our innermost beings. It moves away from just wanting to fit in, but pushing for better and different all wrapped in one. Passion says I need to keep going, I won’t stop believing and I will do it, despite the awkward moments and set backs. It’s literally a labour of love​, either for a person or a specific cause. Now the moment our passion has direction this gives it worth. Meaning that it’s no longer just a deep desire but is now also informed by a purpose. This is with one or several ultimate goals, going beyond our present reality.

I really believe that in life our passion often leads us to our purpose. It’s almost like a driving tool to destiny. So I guess today the question is: What drives you in life, What is it you you can’t deal without having or doing and What are you really good at (gifting/ talent)? To begin with these questions may seem really simplistic, but as you dig deeper in even adding when, who and why questions you can begin to get a clearer picture. I encourage you to press on in finding what you’re passionate about, because a life lived without discovering this can often seem like a drag and leave you unsatisfied.

Whilst this process is mostly beautiful, it often requires a lot of sacrifice. Sacrifice meaning: “giving your all even when people don’t understand you and you choosing to answer your calling”. So basically I narrow this down to being about reckless devotion.

Overtime I’ve been learning how devotion is a process closely connected to faithfulness. Meaning it’s more than just determining when or how you want to do something, but also giving what it takes even when you’re  uncomfortable. Be prepared to stretch out beyond your box of set norms (reckless), although you may be branded foolish.  Always know your perseverance (devotion) ultimately determines how far you go.

The beauty of this journey lies in the ultimate results (achievement of your goals) and the fulfillment derived from doing what you love and are good at. One thing I find most fascinating about this topic is how when passion is used for a specific purpose its a powerful tool, which can break boundaries and create new and innovative ideas (trends) that can bring positive change in every area. For me it’s a concept which potentially diminishes limitations for all current and  future generations.

Personally I’ve discovered that realising all this is a journey rather than an instant lightbulb moment. It requires commitment for you to reach fulfilment.  So far my journey has taken me to so many unfamiliar places and the real deal is; this is just the beginning. Instead of complaining I’m learning to continually discover and develop myself inline with my passions.

So remember although you may just be starting to get in tune with what drives you, your story is still unfolding because its a process!!